Volunteering = giving your time for free. There are two types of volunteering:

One is for a charitable organisation in your local area or abroad where the charity cannot afford to pay you and you are just happy for the experience. See this video for inspiration


“I read to children in my local hospital for a couple of hours every Thursday afternoon after school. It’s the feel good part of my week.”, Álvaro, Madrid.

The other is volunteering at an event for an organisation. They do not pay you because you have not had any previous experience but it’s an invaluable opportunity for you to learn new skills and have experience for your curriculum later on.

“I really didn’t want to volunteer at a tech startup event in Barcelona but my school suggested we signed up. Am so pleased I did. I met really interesting people and am going to do an internship next summer with someone I served a beer to!”, Luke, Barcelona, Spain, 17.

Both types of volunteering are great ways to develop your practical skills but also to give you something to put on your curriculum.


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