Our Student Enrichment Programmes are based on a strong foundation of student awareness of strengths, values and experiences before making life impacting decisions.


Student Enrichment Programme

What do we believe a strong Enrichment Programme looks like?

To us it is a programme of workshops, experiences, events and activities that complement the academic goals of a school, designed in collaboration with students, parents and staff. Each of the courses, activities and experiences are designed to help boost students practical life skills in order to make a smoother transition into life after school.

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Consultancy services

The Project Faro team works in close collaboration with schools to design and deliver the most appropriate Student Enrichment Programme for their school community. Services we offer include:

  • Delivery of most appropriate workshops for each Enrichment Programme.
  • Our workshops are delivered in either English or Spanish as part of our commitment to CLIL (Content and Language integrated learning).In addition we offer CLIL teacher training in other areas to increase student engagement with language.
  • Teacher training to maximise benefits of resources and materials we offer on our website.
  • We can help set up public speaking and debating competitions with other schools.
  • We can arrange and – if required – deliver specific extra-curricular activities.
  • Presentations to parents to engage them in the programme.
  • Digital services to improve parent-school communication.
  • Workshops for teachers and/or parents on digital skills and social media.
  • Meetings with companies or organisations on behalf of the school to ensure they are fully on board with the programme and can comply with all health and safety requirements.
  • Legal support for work shadowing or work experience.
  • Work experience programme management. We work in close collaboration with a pre-elected team at the school so that they can fully run the programme themselves within 2 years.
  • Presentations and guidance on UK and USA university application processes.